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  • 10 Yrs....A Decade of Excellence!!!


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Robert Lopez

BMS Events
Attentive Listeners
Science Superheroes
Red Ribbon Week
Barrientes Reader
Mr. Barrientes
Science Experiments
Bearcat Pride
Team Building
Team Building
Pizza with the Principal
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Upcoming Events

Barrientes Middle School

"Evolving Into a New Era of Excellence"  

Principal- Robert Lopez

Assistant Principal- Laurie Arteaga

Assistant Principal- Elva Morin

Assistant Principal- Brian Willis

Curriculum Assistant- Monica Perez

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Sgt. Barrientes
Teacher of the Year


                    Mrs. Laura Garza

              BMS Teacher of the Year  

School Uniforms
8th Grade Polo
Image of - 8th Grade Polo
7th Grade PoloImage of - 7th Grade Polo
6th Grade PoloImage of - 6th Grade Polo
Khaki PantsKhaki Pants
Khaki ShortsKhaki Shorts
Navy Blue PantsNavy Blue Pants
Navy Blue ShortsNavy Blue Shorts
Academic Excellence
Barrientes Middle School offers an excellent learning environment for today's adolescent. Classroom activities provide the blend of structure and individual exploration necessary for the well-rounded middle school student. In addition to a basic schedule of math, social studies, science, and language arts courses, students participate in vocational and performing arts courses. Throughout each school year, students have opportunities to experience a variety of interdisciplinary units.